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Pharmacy Mixers

• Mix anything – powders, creams, topicals
• Grind / micronize / triturate powders
• Prepare troche / suppository bases
• Continuous deaeration = no bubbles

• Programmable – lockable touchscreen
• PC software and printer allows tracking of all mixing
• Meets <USP 800> requirements for hazardous materials

dual centrifugal mixing for compounding pharmacies

Simply the Best

With processing sizes ranges from <1g up to 10kg batches, no cleanup and no bubbles, the SynergyMixer® fits perfectly into the Compounding Pharmacy industry. This device non-invasively mixes and deaerates materials, without the use of blades. Most operations take only a few minutes of processing time, allowing for hundreds of scripts to be processed over a working day. We have lab scale SynergyMixers® to fit on a bench top that will mix up to 100grams and our medium sized SynergyMixers® can mix up to 1000 grams. Users can mill powders, mix powders, melt bases (troche, suppository, etc), and mix anything from topicals to creams to liquids. Every consultation with our technical team is free for all customers and those interested in moving into our technology.

About SynergyMixers® Technology

With the original patent from the 1970’s, the SynergyMixer® has become the most advanced mixing technology available today, fully capable of mixing a variety of materials — from thick to thin in any combination — quickly and repeatably. Over 40 years of continuous improvement combined with our technical knowledge, makes our mixers second to none. The SynergyMixer® eliminates air bubbles and mixes in disposable containers. It is used to mix colloids, fluids, powders, pastes, creams, grease, resins, silicones mixtures and virtually anything else. It can disperse micron-scale and even nano-scale particle size additives.

Our mixers scale from bench top to industrial and have the capacity to mix in samples in seconds. Sample sizes range from, <1 gm ‑ 20 Kg, and can be mixed in cups and cartridges, including Semco and other dispensing devices. The machines mix in enclosed, disposable containers without blades which means there is absolutely no cleanup required and samples are bubble-free. SynergyMixer® are available with ambient operation or vacuum capabilities to mix and vacuum in-situ.

Demonstration Videos

SynergyMixer® Mixing White Powder

SynergyMixer® Mixing White Powder

SynergyMixer® Mixing Copper Powder

SynergyMixer® Mixing Copper Powder

SynergyMixer® Flattening DeAiring

SynergyMixer® Flattening DeAiring

SynergyMixer® Mixing Coloured Silicone

SynergyMixer® Mixing Coloured Silicone

SynergyMixer® Mixing Gold Powder

SynergyMixer® Mixing Gold Powder

SynergyMixer® Mixing Playdough

SynergyMixer® Mixing Playdough

SynergyMixer® Mixing Purple Powder       

SynergyMixer® Mixing Purple Powder

SynergyMixer® Mixing White & Red Paste

SynergyMixer® Mixing White & Red Paste

Before & After

Before and After Mixing Exmple 1
Before and After Mixing Exmple 2
Before and After Mixing Exmple 3
Before and After Mixing Exmple 4
Before and After Mixing Exmple 5
Before and After Mixing Exmple 6

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