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Your Privacy and Synergy Devices Web Sites

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Synergy Devices Web Sites strongly believes in the importance of keeping clients' personal information personal. It will never use your information for any use beyond that stated or the permissions you give us.

IP Addresses and Server Logs

Synergy Devices Web Sites do record IP addresses and produces server logs - as all Web Servers do. This information is used solely for monitoring the volume of traffic the site receives and measuring the number of readers. We do not use the information for tracking the activities of specific visitors to the site.


Synergy Devices Web Sites do not sets or invoke third party cookies or Analytics.

Email and Online Forms

Readers, who choose to complete any of our online forms, may be asked to supply personal data. If they choose to do so, that information is recorded and used for broad demographic information. If permission is granted, this information may be used to target specific users with occasional emails informing them about commercial services provided by Synergy Devices Web Sites.
Your details will not be passed to any third party
Synergy Devices Web Sites will never use your data for anything beyond the reason stated and the permissions you grant us. To remove yourself from our database please Email customer services and make sure that you enter exactly the same e-mail address as you used to sign up.


WorldPay provide Synergy Devices Web Sites with their credit card processing facilities. Privacy Policy (

Data Protection

Anyone who provides Synergy Devices Web Sites with personal information is given the opportunity to manage how that information is used. This includes opting out of any services and restricting the use of that information. Please contact Customer Services.

Accessing your Data

Users of Synergy Devices Web Sites have certain rights under the UK's Data Protection Acts. You can, for instance, ask to be told what information we hold about you in our databases. Synergy Devices Web Sites will provide you with all of the details that we hold about you, both online and offline, upon request.
Synergy Devices Web Sites reserves the right to charge a £10 administration fee for this process.
If you would like to request this information please contact Customer Services.

Changes to this Policy

As statutory and online requirements change so this policy document may change. Any changes will be highlighted across the site to ensure that all readers have the opportunity to respond to these changes.

Contacting Synergy Devices Ltd. Data Controller

If you wish to contact Synergy Devices Ltd. regarding any aspect of the Privacy Policy you should use the following contact details:

By Post:

Customer Services
Synergy Devices Ltd.
Unit 2 Network 4 Cressex Business Park,
Lincoln Road, High Wycombe, Bucks. HP12 3RF

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